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A Canadian media production company a variety of film & TV production and distribution services throughout Ontario, Canada.

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Video Production

Providing solutions ranging from cinematography to prop creation and even location management. We also can provide a large number of discounts for various rentals in the Toronto area.

Sound & Music

Our Movie Bound Records division is a full range sound and music production company with access to professional ADR studios available for rentals.

Editing & VFX

Virtual Visual Studios specializes in a large range of CGI special effects and is able to both create captivating VFX scenes for your post-production, and help guide you through practical visual effects.


We have strong contacts with several marketing and distribution channels for your films. Applying for Telefilm? Ask us today how we can help with the distribution section.

How We Help

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Post-Production Services

Distribution & Marketing

About Forever Entertainment

Forever Entertainment is a Canadian media company that believes in creating the most artistic work possible while maintaining a healthy revenue. Since the the creation of VVS (Virtual Visual Studios) and MBR (Movie Bound Records) branches, Forever Entertainment can now partner with you from the development to the completion of your film. While Virtual Visual Studios can provide state of the art CGI graphics, Movie Bound Records is an all you need boutique for sound design and music scores for your masterpiece.

Our Achievements

7short films
2feature films
1tv show pilot

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I hired Forever Entertainment to help manage one of my latest productions and the work they did was astonishing! I never had my budget stretch so far! They really helped guide the entire process from beginning to the end. Great company!

— Asti L. from Livingston Studios

We have hired Forever Entertainment to do some CGI for our sci-fi feature. The results were visually stunning! Many have tried but only Virtual Visual Studios succeeded. Highly recommend using their VFX services.

— Rany N. from Lightwork Films

Forever Entertainment has helped guide my films and TV pilot through various parts of production and have grown to be an irreplaceable part of my team. I look forward to working further with this amazing team on all my future productions and projects.

— Jasmin G. from Stage Waves

We used Forever Entertainment for our feature length movie Can’t Escape and I truly can’t say enough good things about them. Their continual professionalism, experience and talent was phenomenal and I highly recommend hiring them for your production.

— Leila A. from 11th Hour Productions