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A little bit about our company...

Forever Entertainment is a Canadian media company that believes in creating the most artistic work possible while maintaining a healthy revenue. Since the the creation of VVS (Virtual Visual Studios) and MBR (Movie Bound Records) branches, Forever Entertainment can now partner with you from the development to the completion of your film. While Virtual Visual Studios can provide state of the art CGI graphics, Movie Bound Records is an all you need boutique for sound design and music scores for your masterpiece.


Film Development

Developing scripts and securing financing.

Film Production

Production and dvelopment of film in the Ontario, Canada region.


Various post production services through Virtual Visual Studios and Movie Bound Records.

Film Distribution

Distribution of short films through Short Central.

Our Companies



A family is torn apart, terrorized and shocked from their, otherwise peaceful, comfortable lives. Their two young children are abducted and the desperate efforts made to bring them home. Former members of the elite special forces are summoned by a government agency to assist in the rescue in country and abroad. They have only 48 hours to do so or risk loosing them forever. "The Last Chance" is a story about human trafficking and deals with the hard and sad subject of what happens to innocent people once they are abducted and used for financial profit, whether for the sex trade or the sale of human organs.


A young artist becomes trapped in her new life after buying an old home full of charm, mystery and death.

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